Okay - we sound like a great fit! Now what?

Our first step towards an engagement will be a discovery call to understand your unique organization and the challenges you are facing - and to make sure that we ‘click’ personally! From there we discuss scope, goals, and budget - and then kick off a beautiful relationship.

Sometimes we find that a summary of potential scope items helps clients to get in the right mindset for how a potential partnership could be structured.

AIESTA Operations Support Scope

Operational Support Scope

Develop scalable policies, procedures and execution frameworks. Done correctly, this will ensure improved visibility, alignment across the organization, and the perfect balance between agility & internal controls.

Collaborative creation of Employee Handboook - the cornerstone of company culture.

Evaluation and development of organizational structure (e.g. hierarchy mapping, job description creation).

Serve as point person for information requests from investors, auditors, due diligence, RFPs, and other third parties.

Technology footprint assessment, selection, implementation and coordination of new/existing systems or tools.

Review real estate footprint and contracts and create/execute comprehensive plan for growth or reduction in the future as business requirements dictate.

Bespoke Operational Support for your unique needs.


Strategy & Procurement Scope

Extend funding runway through strategic spend and budgeting.

Select/contract/implement a CRM, ERP or other major systems while ensuring stakeholder alignment and organizational buy in.

Planning for and implementing a difficult cost cutting or rightsizing initiative. It's never easy - but we've been through it many times. We can help to lower costs across your organization and identify where funds can be reprioritized.

Analyze and identify spend categories that can be consolidated for greater purchasing power, creating master supply and services agreements for use throughout the company.

Hold comprehensive RFPs to drive down costs (total cost of ownership – not just pricing) – nothing makes a better business partner than a little competition.

Comprehensive budget/forecast creation and management across organization. Don't be surprised by spend - optimize it.

Bespoke Strategy & Procurement Support for your unique needs.