20+ years of experience focusing on relationships and results.

We've outlined some of our services here, but one of our core fundamentals is flexibility (structure, location, mindset)! We know that your requirements can't be put into a box, so reach out and connect and we can figure out the next steps together. 


Negotiation support

Many high growth companies don't have a dedicated resource for contract negotiation - potentially leaving millions on the table in the spirit of not letting process get in the way of progress. Our team has negotiated half a billion dollars in contracts value on topics ranging from corporate headquarter relocation and software acquisition, to event logistics and large scale implementation engagements.

Procurement & Strategy

Have a high visibility initiative that needs executive level finance/procurement guidance to set up the road map for success? Trying to extend your runway as long as humanly possible?  Going through a cost cutting initiative? There are ways to optimize costs without impacting business performance.  We can work together to optimize spend - so you can focus on what's important.


your success

Success is our happy place, and we're not happy until together we have achieved the results you are looking for.  Your time is valuable - and it's our mission to not only maximize results - but to save you time and money.   

OUR passion

We are proud nerds and we LOVE what we do! Nothing closes out the day or a project engagement like a success story (except maybe a bottle of bubbles to celebrate). We're in it to win it and with you every step of the way.  


Location independent

We use tech to develop amazing solutions and provide consulting services from wherever we are in the world!  Does location independence impact results? Yes!  This freedom gives us creativity and flexibility to perform at our very best.

[Cody’s] negotiation abilities and business acumen are unparalleled by many; her dedication to doing the right thing for [the company] should be held up as an example to others, and her work ethic and ability to pull together so many projects in a successful manner is quite amazing.
There are few people I have personally had the opportunity to work with as a vendor that treated their employers interests and finances as if they were her own.
Carlos was successful at leading several key aspects of the Finance organization, including financial analysis & reporting, budgeting & forecasting, financial modeling and investor relations. He has also played a key role in the successful completion of several key M&A and bond offering activities.
In spite of working in a very fast-paced environment with several competing high priority deadlines, Carlos was always very pleasant to work with as he brings a high level of energy and remains always positive and enthusiastic.